Fresh Mommy

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enough about Me, Let's Talk about ME!

Hello. I'm still here, dear readers. Sorry for the long break. I've been, you know, busy. But I'm back now.

Hello? Hello?! Is there anyone there?

It's been so long since I've blogged that I nearly forgot my password. My fingers typed the letters with a question mark at the end. Is this it? Maybe. Let's give it a whirl and see.

Well, I'm not even sure what I was going to say here.

Let's see. It's fucking cold outside. How's that for starters? I just looked at the thermometer outside the kitchen window and it's zero right now. Which probably means a "real feel" temperature of, what, negative something or other, right? I don't know. I'm not a weather woman. I'm not a, a, -- what the hell are they called? A forecaster? A -- Jesus, my mind is gone. I can't remember the word.

I should mention that I've recently switched to decaf.

Anyway, they say we're getting a foot of snow tomorrow. And even though I'm not a winter person, I have to say this: Bring It! I live in a ski region, and we've had about two inches of snow this entire winter. It's a little freaky. Al Gore and I are concerned.

Otherwise things are peachy. I don't know what the hell we've been doing lately, but somehow we've kept busy. I had all these great plans for V Day -- I baked cookies that I was going to decorate and deliver to all of the Fresh Girl's friends in the neighborhood (because I like to be Martha Stewart sometimes) but then I lost my momentum and just decided to eat them all instead.

I did manage to buy some Valentine treats for my darling daughter. A pair of dress up shoes and a tiara from the Dollar Spot at Target, because, even though it's unpopular to dress your child like a princess, I think she looks damn cute strutting around the house in heels and jewels, and better that they're her own and not mine. She maneuvers my shoes well on the carpet but kitchen tile + stiletto size 7 boots = a swift fall to the floor.

Plus, I need something to distract her from Play Doh, which I excitedly introduced her to at Christmas thinking it was going to be SO GREAT! but the obsession is wearing me down. Everyday: "Mommy, play Play Doh? Mommy? Please? Play Play Doh. MOMMY????" And those little pieces of Doh all over the place? For the love of God, I find them EVERYWHERE.

Better yet, I discovered our town has this cute little Art Lab. Monday mornings at the firehouse! Somebody puts out finger paints and clay and all kinds of artsy fartsy crafty things and then later somebody puts it all away again! All I have to do is keep my kid from eating the supplies but even if she does, it's non-toxic! And it's FREE! And there's no Play Doh on my floor afterwards! It's genius, I tell you.

Yeah, so we did that yesterday for the first time, and we will be back, yessiree.

So that's what we've been doing. How about you?

Hello? Is there anyone there?